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About Us

Green Haven Family Advocates is a grassroots organization founded in 1982, originally as a safe house for battered women and their children.  Over the 30 years we have been in operation, our organization has evolved, but we still hold true the mission  of our founders, helping the victims of domestic and family violence in Green County.  We are a trusted and respected member of the communities we serve and are members of the Monroe and New Glarus Chamber of Commerce, as well a member of End Violence Wisconsin (The Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence).

Green Haven has worked hard in developing relationships within the legal system, human services, area sheriff and police departments, area school districts and daycares, other social service agencies, and the medical community. These collaborative relationships, because of years of dedication to them, are treated with respect, trust and understanding.  These relationships enable us to reach out to a wider spectrum of rural persons and provide the best advocacy we can for the person in crisis or the survivor that needs assistance. Our agency not only supports clients during crisis events, but remains there to support during their healing and growth process.

Our mission; Green Haven Family Advocates, Inc. is a community- based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the individuals and families of Green County affected by abuse and violence through prevention education, advocacy, support and services.