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Do you feel like joining the movement against domestic violence, or maybe you want to give back to the community? Green Haven Family Advocates has many ways you can lend a hand or donate to support domestic violence services in Green County.

Crisis Line (Must be 18 years of age)

Are you interested in helping domestic violence victims/survivors on an up close and personal level? We always need volunteers to assist with our 24-hour crisis line. This type of volunteering can be done from your home or cell phone, as we can transfer the Crisis Line right to you. We train our volunteers on how to handle crisis calls and always have an Advocate available to assist. If you feel you want a volunteer experience that could involve direct phone contact with persons who are experiencing domestic violence, the Crisis Line may be for you. Volunteers take one or more nights per month (3-16 hours per night, based upon your availability). Contact our Volunteer Advocate, Erika at (608) 325-6489.

Facility Support

Another place to volunteer is directly at our office. Do you like puttering around and fixing things? Maybe yard work is more your speed? Do you like to organize? Paint? Shovel snow? We always have different needs popping up. If you would like to volunteer to help keep our facility clean and welcoming we would love to hear from you! Contact our Executive Director, Chandra at (608) 325-6489.


Would you be interested in volunteering to help with our fundraisers each year? We need help preparing and working our fundraisers. Currently our two fundraisers are the annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale and October’s Scavenger Hunt. Would you like to help make these events successful, or maybe you have an idea for a fundraiser? We are always looking for good ideas. Contact our Executive Director, Chandra at (608) 325-6489.

Board Membership

Would you be interested in volunteering to hold a seat in our Board of Directors? We are seeking individuals from within Green County. A not-for-profit board member has the critical responsibility to direct the organization toward achieving its mission. As a board member, you would have the opportunity to contribute your talent, expertise, and dedication to a worthy cause. A Board Member should possess the time and dedication to assist Green Haven in continuing to be a strong and effective agency and help the Agency in planning our vision for the future. If you have the time and dedication we would love to talk to you about joining our board. Contact our Executive Director, Chandra at (608) 325-6489.

Community Outreach

We are also in need of volunteers to help Green Haven Staff reach out to Green County residents. This could be volunteering your time to represent Green Haven at local community events, or help provide education and outreach to congregations, clubs, schools, and businesses.

Are you a survivor of domestic violence? We are always looking for survivors willing to talk about their own experiences and how they were able to break from their abusive relationship or situation. Your story could inspire another victim to reach out for help to get out of their current abusive situation. Contact our Community Response Advocate, Erika at (608) 325-6489.