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Economic Advocacy

Victims of domestic violence often make several attempts to leave an abusive partner and are forced to return for economic reasons. Economic self-sufficiency is frequently the difference between staying in an abusive situation or finding a safe place to live. Our Economic Advocate helps victims gain or regain their footing when fleeing (or getting ready to flee) the abusive home. Along with assistance, the Economic Advocate can make appropriate referrals to connect with community resources.

Financial Education Includes:

• Budgeting (and how to maintain a budget)
• Balancing a checking account
• Keeping financial records safe and confidential
• Preventing identity theft
• Finding and maintaining affordable housing
• Finding employment
• Resume assistance
• Building good credit
• How to repair bad credit
• Understanding your credit report

Green Haven Family Advocates has limited funds to assist persons in Green County fleeing domestic violence.  We can help with rent, house payments, and utilities.  To begin the qualification process you must first schedule an appointment with our Economic Advocate at (608) 325-6489, ext 102.