About Domestic Violence



Domestic Violence happens in every country, every town, and every neighborhood. Its victims are any age, any gender, any religion.  A victims can be homeless or live in a huge mansion on the best side of town. They can hardly have any education or they can have a PHD. It happens EVERYWHERE.

The abuser can be a factory worker, unemployed, a farmer, a police officer, a doctor, a politician….you get the idea … They are male and female. They can have college degrees, make a million dollars, or sell you a pack of gum at a local gas station.

Domestic Violence is not about having anger issues. It is not about drug addiction or being an alcoholic. Anger, drugs and alcohol can play into the equation, but it is not the reason people are abusive. The abusive behavior is a separate issue. It is based on power and control over someone.

Please use this website to learn about domestic violence. If you find you are a victims, we have information here on trying to maintain a level of safety. We will not ask you to leave your abuser. That decision is not ours. Our agency’s goal is to educate you, help you get your needs met, and help you live a safe, healthy life.

Whatever your situation, the information on this website is here for you. If you need to talk or have questions, please call us 608-325-7711.  We are here for you.