Child and Teen Advocacy


Growing up is tough. Sometimes things get really hard. There is a kid or maybe kids at school that like to call you names and give you a hard time. They make school a place you just don’t want to be.
Maybe it’s your boyfriend/girlfriend. When you started dating it was great, but now he or she are treating you bad or disrespecting you. Telling you that you are fat or stupid, or that nobody cares about you or what you think. Maybe they hit you. Maybe they are trying to convince you into having sex or doing something sexual by threatening you, making you feel guilty or physically holding you down


It could be that at home your parents or your dad’s girlfriend, your mom’s boyfriend, or even your mom’s girlfriend, they fight a lot. There could be hitting or shoving, sometimes it can get really bad and someone gets hurt. The fighting may be with just words, but what they are saying is really mean or disrespectful. One person threatens to kill the other, or hurt the other. This can be a really hard place to live in. You feel like you have to be careful all of the time. Sometimes you hide or leave when it gets bad.
Maybe you are the direct victim. The people that are supposed to take care of you hurt you. Do they say things that make you feel bad about yourself? Do they make fun of you and then say that you need to “man up, grow up, or learn to take it”? Does your caretaker/parent get angry a lot? Do they hit, slap or push you when they are angry? Do they ever make you do things that feel wrong?
You would rather ignore all these bad things happening until they go away. Unfortunately people are not made like that. It never “just goes away”. It’s always there effecting how you make choices and how you treat yourself and others. It can make it hard to trust others or make healthy choices.



Abuse happens to boys and girls and finding someone to talk to can be hard. You don’t want everyone to know your business or you are afraid the person who is hurting you will find out. That is where we can be there for you. All Green Haven services are free and confidential. Confidential means we will tell no one what you talked about or that you even spoke with us. We are not here to judge you; we want to listen to what’s going on in your life and try to help you make it a better place. Nobody should have to go through abuse alone.

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